Linen Lab by Rachel Fitzpatrick

I am delighted to announce that I am part of a team of professional artists and designers delivering the Linen Lab project.

More about the project

Linen Lab is part of Connected, a new creative initiative being delivered across the borough of Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon in 2019. Co-funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s Local Government Challenge Fund, Connected aims to build active partnerships between cultural venues, artists and local audiences.


Linen Lab is a brand new creative learning programme for schools and colleges collaborating with the FE Mc William Gallery in Banbridge. The idea is that a team of professional artists and designers will share their experimental creative processes in schools and colleges as well as the gallery itself. The results of this extensive collaboration will be seen in an exhibition in October 2019.

Over the next few months I will post the exciting developments from this project as I prepare and deliver lots of creative sessions to 3 different groups of Primary 7 (10-11year old) budding artists and designers.

Watch this space!!

FOCUS | ICARUS by Rachel Fitzpatrick

Inspired by the Greek Myth of Icarus the golden feathers echo the giddiness of flight by glinting and teasing the light. the ribbons of black velcro resemble velvet creating a luxurious and voluptuous texture.

Materials: Black velcro, gold foiled feathers, aluminium frame

Dimensions: ø600mm (23.5”) x ø800mm (31.5”)

Photography Credit: Glenn Norwood

FOCUS | VENICE DESIGN 2018 | Fionn by Rachel Fitzpatrick

As the exhibition in Venice draws to a close I wanted to look back on the making of my piece, Fionn, made especially for the VENICE DESIGN 18.

Fionn is the namesake of the mythical Northern Irish giant, Fionn Mac Cumhaill.  Legend speaks of the giants size, strength and skill, but in particular the ability to outwit his enemies through disguise.  Not dissimilar to MacCumhaill, I hoped to temporarily beguile the audience, inviting them to relook at the material by creating an elegant chandelier, using an everyday industrial material. Do you think it worked?

The chandelier has been sculpted using 650metres of Velcro disguising the heavy industrial material as a giant lighting sculpture standing over two and a half meters long and floating in the beautiful Palazzio Michel in Venice

It has been such an honour to take part in this amazing exhibition and I wish to thank the team at the European Cultural Centre for all their support over the past year and for their belief in my work.

I also wish to thank both the Arts Council NI and the British Council for funding my participant in VENICE DESIGN 18

FOCUS | Eclipse by Rachel Fitzpatrick

The term Eclipse is derived from ancient Greek meaning “darkening of a heavenly body”. The material has been embellished with glistening gold then hand-cut into the finest strips. It is then hand sculpted to create this etherial lighting sculpture in luxurious metallic tones.

Dimensions: 800x800x30mm (31.5”x31.5”x12”)

Materials: Gold foiled black Velcro. aluminium frame

Photographer: Glenn Norwood