Focus | Nest

This textural lighting piece is sculpted by hand using dyed Velcro, which is then dappled with vibrantly dyed feathers. Colours can be selected from a range of shades and intermixed to create a unique floor or table light.

Dimensions: ø 600mm (23.5”)

Materials: Velcro, goose feathers, aluminium frame

Photographer: Glenn Norwood


As the exhibition in Venice draws to a close I wanted to look back on the making of my piece, Fionn, made especially for the VENICE DESIGN 18.

Fionn is the namesake of the mythical Northern Irish giant, Fionn Mac Cumhaill.  Legend speaks of the giants size, strength and skill, but in particular the ability to outwit his enemies through disguise.  Not dissimilar to MacCumhaill, I hoped to temporarily beguile the audience, inviting them to relook at the material by creating an elegant chandelier, using an everyday industrial material. Do you think it worked?

The chandelier has been sculpted using 650metres of Velcro disguising the heavy industrial material as a giant lighting sculpture standing over two and a half meters long and floating in the beautiful Palazzio Michel in Venice

It has been such an honour to take part in this amazing exhibition and I wish to thank the team at the European Cultural Centre for all their support over the past year and for their belief in my work.

I also wish to thank both the Arts Council NI and the British Council for funding my participant in VENICE DESIGN 18

FOCUS | Ghislaine Viñas | Manhattan Townhouse

Fitzpatrick was delighted to collaborate with award winning Interior Designer Ghislaine Viñas and her team on this wonderful project in the Tribeca district, New York City.

This exquisite home has been featured in many international publications including a photoshoot for Vogue USA and Interior Design US.

The process, began with a series of seemingly simple 2D drawings and online chats, co-ordinated over our two time zones. Then in my studio, in Northern Ireland, I began experimenting with various shapes for the two pieces. The client loved the idea of a surprise element which would “pop” from the piece”. We experimented with this and the colour yellow and thats when the magic started! The work developed from that and eventually the pieces where finished packed up and sent to their new home in NYC. The results can be seen from the images above.