WORKSHOP | Children’s 2 day Tie Dye Workshop at F.E. McWilliam Gallery & Studio / by Rachel Fitzpatrick

Over this two day workshop, on 26th & 27th July, we will learn to make your own natural dyes from natural ingredients.  We will then use various dyes to personalise and Tie Dye your own T Shirt. 


Day 1: Have fun and get messy using natural ingredients found in your average kitchen such as berries, vegetable skins and spices to create your own dyes.   We will also begin to master the art of Dye the folds.


Day 2: Experiment using various dyes to create your own T-shirt master piece!  


DATES: 26th & 27th July

TIMES: 10am-1pm

AGES: 8-12 years

COST:  £24