FOCUS | VENICE DESIGN 2018 | The creation of a giant

Its been an amazing 6 months and a privilege to say I have exhibited my work in collaboration with the Global Arts Affairs Foundation at the European Cultural Centre in the heart of Venice during the 16th Architectural Biennale. As the exhibition draws to a close at the end of this month I’d like to reflect and give a little behind the scenes exposure to my thinking process and creativity in the studio.

It all began with a series of drawings, gestures really off the shape of the piece, and discussions with the curators at Palazzo Michel, the venue for the exhibition. I drew inspiration from the 2017 exhibition looking at how other artists and designers used the space and what pieces they chose to exhibit.

Once I received the green light from the curators I ordered in the materials - needed 500m of material to create the piece, plus a little extra already had in the studio of various widths.

Once all the strips are shaped I place them on the suspended hoops. I love to find new magic in materials - I actually use circus hoops in my chandeliers. It takes a few days to create the piece and then I leave it in the studio in a week just to look at it, tweek, retweek then tweek again. When its perfect I get the plastic out to wrap it up, box and to ship off to its new home - in this case VENICE!