Linen Lab | Shibori Dying Workshop

We had a fabulous morning workshop in Linen Lab dying linen. First of all, in the classroom, we folded squares of white linen and wrapped them in elastic bands. We then went outside, to the outdoor classroom, and dipped our linen parcels into 3 different dye baths.

The parcels were then left to dry outside in the greenhouse for about a week. We brought them back into the classroom and unwrapped each little parcel to reveal lots of colourful patterned linen cloths!!

For more information about the project check out the Linen Lab Website

Linen Lab Exhibition opens 11th October at FE McWilliam Gallery and Studio and runs until 9th November.

Linen Lab | Exhibition Opening

Over the next few weeks I will be posting lots of information about my involvement in the Linen Lab project and it’s exhibition, which opens 11th October at 11am at FE McWilliam Gallery & Studio.

There will be an additional Meet the Maker opening from 2-4 on Saturday 12th October.


The Linen Lab exhibition will feature the work of Heather Richardson, Jill Phillips, Robert Peterson, Studio Plastique, Lynsey McDougal, Deborah Malchomson and myself.

We are the creative professionals who have been challenged to work collaboratively with young people aged 10-19 in schools and college across Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon. Over the nine-month programme of classroom and gallery-based creative sessions, we have developed new work for the exhibition held in the FE McWilliam Gallery, Banbridge from Oct 11th to Nov 9th 2019.

How to get to FE McWilliam Gallery & Studio


Throw Back Thursday | Flamingo

The shape and form of this piece mirrors the elegant and ethereal nature of the Flamingo Bird. The slender and statuesque form of the Flamingo chandelier makes it ideal for a stairwell or entrance hall.

Each piece is custom dyed from a range of opulent colours and finishes which can be customised to suit any requirements.

Materials: Velcro, goose feathers, aluminium

Dimensions: ø400mm (15.75”) x L1500mm (59”)

Photo Credit: Glenn Norwood

Focus | Nest

This textural lighting piece is sculpted by hand using dyed Velcro, which is then dappled with vibrantly dyed feathers. Colours can be selected from a range of shades and intermixed to create a unique floor or table light.

Dimensions: ø 600mm (23.5”)

Materials: Velcro, goose feathers, aluminium frame

Photographer: Glenn Norwood

FOCUS | Peugeot Paris

This is one from the studio archive, I can hardy believe its been 10 years since this commission. It was a wonderful job and I actually was able to install the piece in situ on the Champs Elysees, I could hardy believe it as it was always one of my favourite places to check out when in Paris, normally when I was exhibiting at Maison et Objet.

This is an interesting photo, not one of us shared a common language, which could have made installing this piece extremely challenging, however we made it work! Although we all spoke a little of each others language (English, French or German) but most of out communication was using body language, smiles and thumbs up!! We literally had a few hours to complete the installation, which meant we had to work fast to install the 5km velcro curtain before the store needed to open again.

This is an interesting photo, not one of us shared a common language, which could have made installing this piece extremely challenging, however we made it work! Although we all spoke a little of each others language (English, French or German) but most of out communication was using body language, smiles and thumbs up!! We literally had a few hours to complete the installation, which meant we had to work fast to install the 5km velcro curtain before the store needed to open again.

Focus | Peugeot Berlin

From the archive: In 2009, Rachel Fitzpatrick was commissioned to create two large chandeliers and a wall for European car manufacturer Peugeot for their Peugeot Avenue concept showroom in Berlin, Germany.

The pieces formed part of the NEXT exhibition which displayed futuristic cars. Located on the Unter den Linden, Berlin, the project used nearly 5km of Velcro.

Dimensions: 3000mmx2500mm

Photo Credit: Peugeot Europe


We are delighted to announce that we will be collaborating with Author Interiors on future projects and look forward to developing a partnership with this inspiring organisation.


“AUTHOR is a fresh and exciting new concept in luxury British interiors. We champion the careful selection of exceptionally well-made, classic pieces – enduring classics to be loved for a lifetime. By denying the vagaries of fads and fashion we can change the way we think about the things we choose to put in our homes, and this is our quest.

 AUTHOR sources high-quality furniture and accessories, designed and made in Britain by talented designers and craftspeople to add to our inspiringly themed collections. We feel immense joy when happening upon a stunning new piece for our home and we hope you feel the same when browsing our collections.”

Follow the link below to my chandeliers on Author Interiors.

Focus | CLIFF TOWNHOUSE, Dublin, Ireland

Throwback Thursday. These are bespoke pieces I was commissioned to create a few years ago for Cliff Townhouse, a St Stephen’s Green luxury boutique townhouse, regarded as one of the best private event venues in Dublin, Ireland.


As we move into the middle of March I though it might be fun to focus on a piece celebrating the colour of the moment - green for St Patricks Day.

Having been born and raised in Northern Ireland, St Paddy, as he is affectionately known here is part of every child’s up bringing - as he famously saved us all from scary snakes, driving them off the island of Ireland. Although I’m not sure if this is scientifically true or the reasoning behind their banishment, I can confirm we have no native snakes living here! Enjoy this piece and its beautiful luscious green - Weaver.

EXHIBITION | Collected Presence, Island Arts Centre, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

I am delighted to have been invited to present my work at Collected Presence, an exhibition celebrating the work of three leading, local women designers. I will showcase my latest creations inspired by linen alongside Gráinne Maher and Elin Johnston.

The Exhibition previews on 9th April and runs until 18th April 2019 at the Island Arts centre.



Inspired by the Greek Myth of Icarus the golden feathers echo the giddiness of flight by glinting and teasing the light. the ribbons of black velcro resemble velvet creating a luxurious and voluptuous texture.

Materials: Black velcro, gold foiled feathers, aluminium frame

Dimensions: ø600mm (23.5”) x ø800mm (31.5”)

Photography Credit: Glenn Norwood


As the exhibition in Venice draws to a close I wanted to look back on the making of my piece, Fionn, made especially for the VENICE DESIGN 18.

Fionn is the namesake of the mythical Northern Irish giant, Fionn Mac Cumhaill.  Legend speaks of the giants size, strength and skill, but in particular the ability to outwit his enemies through disguise.  Not dissimilar to MacCumhaill, I hoped to temporarily beguile the audience, inviting them to relook at the material by creating an elegant chandelier, using an everyday industrial material. Do you think it worked?

The chandelier has been sculpted using 650metres of Velcro disguising the heavy industrial material as a giant lighting sculpture standing over two and a half meters long and floating in the beautiful Palazzio Michel in Venice

It has been such an honour to take part in this amazing exhibition and I wish to thank the team at the European Cultural Centre for all their support over the past year and for their belief in my work.

I also wish to thank both the Arts Council NI and the British Council for funding my participant in VENICE DESIGN 18

FOCUS | VENICE DESIGN 2018 | The creation of a giant

Its been an amazing 6 months and a privilege to say I have exhibited my work in collaboration with the Global Arts Affairs Foundation at the European Cultural Centre in the heart of Venice during the 16th Architectural Biennale. As the exhibition draws to a close at the end of this month I’d like to reflect and give a little behind the scenes exposure to my thinking process and creativity in the studio.

It all began with a series of drawings, gestures really off the shape of the piece, and discussions with the curators at Palazzo Michel, the venue for the exhibition. I drew inspiration from the 2017 exhibition looking at how other artists and designers used the space and what pieces they chose to exhibit.

Once I received the green light from the curators I ordered in the materials - needed 500m of material to create the piece, plus a little extra already had in the studio of various widths.

Once all the strips are shaped I place them on the suspended hoops. I love to find new magic in materials - I actually use circus hoops in my chandeliers. It takes a few days to create the piece and then I leave it in the studio in a week just to look at it, tweek, retweek then tweek again. When its perfect I get the plastic out to wrap it up, box and to ship off to its new home - in this case VENICE!

NEWS | Dubai Design Week 2018 | ECC Venice

I’m delighted to announce my work had been selected for presentation at Dubai Design Week 2018 by the European Cultural Centre at the American University of Dubai.  VENICE DESIGN has also decided to make its designers travel and present the overall exhibition at Dubai Design District and their projects during all whole week celebrating design. Thank you to the organisers for including my work at such a prestigious event.

FOCUS | Eclipse

The term Eclipse is derived from ancient Greek meaning “darkening of a heavenly body”. The material has been embellished with glistening gold then hand-cut into the finest strips. It is then hand sculpted to create this etherial lighting sculpture in luxurious metallic tones.

Dimensions: 800x800x30mm (31.5”x31.5”x12”)

Materials: Gold foiled black Velcro. aluminium frame

Photographer: Glenn Norwood